Newport Beach Police Department Mounted Unit Gets Another Horse

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Representatives from the Newport Beach Police Department have confirmed they’ve added a fourth horse to its mounted unit.

The search for the new steed has been ongoing, a spokesperson said, since a one of their horses, which had developed severe health problems, was put down earlier this year.

The newest steed-officer is 8-years-old and has been named Bullseye, after the toy horse in the “Toy Story” movies.

News reports confirm that Bullseye’s previous job was “ponying thoroughbred racehorses off the track.”

His handler has described the horse as having a calm demeanor, which made him an ideal candidate for the mounted unit. Bullseye will still need to undergo training but it’s believed he will fit in nicely with the Newport Beach Police Department.

Police Officer Shawn Dugan, who works for the mounted unit, said he’s excited to have a new partner.

Original article: Newport Beach adds fourth police horse to its mounted unit

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