Newport Beach PD Arrestee Gets 7 Years For Writing Bad Checks

February 17, 2016 Comments Off on Newport Beach PD Arrestee Gets 7 Years For Writing Bad Checks posted by: Bail Expert

A Newport Beach man who was arrested on suspicion of writing more than $200,000 worth of bad checks has been sentenced to seven years behind bars, according to a recent report by the LA TImes.

Richard Bloustine was taken into custody last summer and was booked at the Newport Beach Jail after he wrote a rubber check to a local car dealership.  The dealership called the police once they realized they hadn’t, and wouldn’t, be getting “proper payment.”

The defendant pleaded guilty to writing multiple bad checks including one for $80,000 to cover dental work, $13,000 to purchase furniture and more than $30,000 to rent a local home.

Since the crime in question is a non-violent, non-serious and non-sexual offense, Bloustine will serve his time in one of the LA County Jails instead of spending 7 years in state prison.  This switch is a direct result of the 2011 CA prison realignment, which shifts custody of certain offenders from state prison to local lock ups.

Original article: Newport man sentenced to 7 years for writing more than $200,000 in bad checks

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