Man Convicted in Yacht Theft Re-Arrested on Same Boat

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A man who was sentenced in 2014 for stealing a $3 million yacht has been re-arrested, police say, but the real clincher in the new case is that the man was arrested for trespassing on the same boat he stole three years ago.

The suspect, who has been identified as 35-year-old Richard Rodriguez, has since pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge. He’s been sentenced to serve three weeks in jail with an additional three years informal probation.

Rodriguez’s first encounter with the boat came in 2014 when it was docked at Newport Harbor. He decided he wanted to take it for a joyride but he ran into some trouble with the docks; he then called the harbor police for help and eventually, they helped escort him, and the vessel, out to sea.

He was arrested the following day after the yacht was reported stolen.

As for the current arrest, that came after Newport Beach Police Department officials received word he was back on the same boat. Although he was initially charged on suspicion of grand theft of a boat, prosecutors said they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him with that crime, which is why they prosecuted him on the trespassing charge, instead.

Original article: Man convicted in 2014 yacht theft heads back to jail after he’s found on the same boat again

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