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In Newport Beach, even a person who works for the law can occasionally find himself on the other side of it.  Recently, David R. Hunt, their city attorney, was arrested in his home on March 15, for domestic violence.  

Officers were dispatched to Hunt’s residence around eight that night, where they found the arrestee and his son arguing.  When his wife got between the pair, Hunt struck her.  She hit her head on the floor and cut her arm on a table.  Hunt’s wife was sent to the hospital; he was sent to jail.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Hunt’s bail was $50,000.  It was posted just after midnight that same night. No other charges have been filed against Mr. Hunt so far. 

Whether he is guilty or innocent is a matter for the courts to decide, but Mr. Hunt was certainly within his rights as a citizen to obtain his release from jail until his court date by the process of bail.  A $50,000 bail amount is typical for domestic violence.  Because Hunt is an attorney and he lives in Newport Beach – a very wealthy community – one might assume that he can afford to pay this high amount.  But  how can your Average Joe ever afford to bail himself out of jail, if he ever  gets into that kind of trouble?   The answer is: He can do so by using the services of a bail bondsman. 

Companies like mine, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds, post a type of bond known as a surety bond.  This type of bond is a paper document that is kind of like a bank check that is recognized by our courts.  By posting a surety bond, bail bondsmen like me guarantee the defendant will appear in court on the date required, or the entire amount of his bail will be paid in full.  In exchange for this guarantee, people only need to pay bail bondsmen a cost-of-service-fee that is 10% of the entire bail bond amount. 

So… in the case of Mr. Hunt’s $50,000, he would pay $5,000.  That may still sound like a lot, but another thing my company does is offer payment plans that make this price affordable. If you’re interested in finding out more about how a bail bond works in Newport Beach, Orange County, or anywhere else in California, consider giving me a call at 888-224-5266 or (888) BAIL BOND.  The cost of a consultation is: free.

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